Quant is king!

Quant is king!

Are emotions and behavior quantifiable?

Technology is enabling marketing and sales like never before! Sales and marketing are moving closer together and in the ideal world they are integrating and evaluating information they had difficulty gathering before.

We compare, learn, improve and (often) deliver great results according to the data we evaluate.


We now have the tools to know more about our target groups than ever before.

Consequently, these insights have taught us to communicate ideas and tell compelling stories to our customers by making content personal and relatable.

There are several ways to measure success but let’s focus on two of them which tell you if you are doing well.

One is the possibility of interaction within your story. Where readers can comment, like or change the storyline. More interactivity means a deeper relationship.

The other option is making it more personal. Let your readers choose or build their personal story based on your content blocks. Both are measurable.

But how strong are our relationships through relatable stories?


Relationship Benchmark, anybody?  

Can we measure how much empathy different people need under what circumstances?

How can we truly make everybody feel secure, personally understood and individually valued?

Data is king, data is good! But only the human leader is able to bring all areas of the business together and mobilize people. We need humans to qualify our data input and to translate it in how to improve our interaction with our relations.

What does that mean for relationship managers? How has the role changed over time? Do relationship managers feel that they are better prepared, have more opportunities or subjects to share with their relations?

We have come across these questions and helped our clients to find the right answers. Are you facing similar challenges?

We would like to hear your thoughts.