Hooplot Associates was founded to help companies to better understand how marketing can add to the bottomline of an organisation with the help of models, metrics and research and to help companies to deliver on the change needed to action the outcomes. 


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our vision?


Since companies allocate large budgets to marketing, it should be:

  • Accountable 
  • Contextual 
  • Impactful 

and if they get this right...

  • Decisive 

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At Hooplot Associates we enable heads of marketing, C-level executives, commercial professionals and supervisory committees to understand and then improve the contribution of marketing to the financial results of the company. 


We help to increase their market orientation across the company or in a specific area. Hence part of our of our work is to asses the market orientation of companies along the lines of  strategic marketing (analysis capabilities) and operational marketing (action capabilities). We have developed benchmarks, scans, audits and tools to assess whether an organisation has a high market orientation and responds to trends and developments (responsive or proactive) and whether the organisation is geared towards actioning it's mission through:

  • first of all the creation of a compelling sense of purpose
  • aligning people, systems and processes to action key goals
  • inspiring trust so employees feel invited to give their best
  • unlocking the talent of employees through talent development, culture and non-financial reward systems

Based on the outcomes of the analysis we decide together with the client where to focus our performance enhancement efforts. In some case our clients have clearly already defined where they would like to make use of our expertise.


Companies, who do this, consistently outperform their peers. They perform better, have more happy and committed employees and their clients experience better value and give them higher NPS scores. As a result they are more capable of finding, keeping and growing customers better, faster, cheaper and smarter than their peers. 



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