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It was during the mid nineties that Vincent decided that he would pursue a carreer in the corporate world in preparation of founding his own firm. What followed is two decades during which Vincent worked for companies like OXFAM-NOVIB, Rabobank, Mn Services and Robeco where he held senior management positions like Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing and Business Support, Business Unit Director Marketing, E-business, Sales and Account Management. 


Michiel has a background working in senior management and Vice President positions related to marketing like Head of Campaign Management, Head of Direct Marketing, Head of Content Management in organisations like ABN-Amro, Fortis and Robeco.  Based on the experience working in environments with varying levels of maturity of their marketing combined with the passion to help organisations to durably excel and outsmart their competitors, Michiel decided to make a change. Simultaneously helping multiple organisations with his knowledge, experience and expertise has always been an attractive and challenging perspective, so he decided to found his own firm early 2009.


Their passion for marketing that positively impacts an organisations financial results and gets the best out of people and resources brought Vincent and Michiel together. Apart from each other they came to understand that  they're good at it.


After years of playing with the idea of an own firm, the tipping point came when Rabobank , parent company of Robeco decided to sell Robeco in 2012. Vincent who was Robeco's CMO at the time decided to prepare for the M&A by benchmarking the effectiveness of his global marketing and business support department in relation to peers. He found out that, surprisingly enough, such a benchmark did not exist. He wondered how it could be that companies allocate a significant percentage of their revenue to marketing activities, yet lack the information to measure its performance compared to peers. As he believes in the importance of accountability and the potential impact of marketing on the bottom line he decided to set up a firm to fill this gap. 


Finally Hooplot Associates was founded in November 2013 and sealed with a firm handshake between Vincent Hooplot and Angus MacLaine of Fundamental Media Ltd. From the beginning there was also a close partnership with Michiel, who joined as partner in 2015. 


On December 1, 2015 the office moved to Amstelveen to accommodate growth. And to be near to clients in Amsterdam, London and elsewhere by means of Amsterdam Airport.


The services we developed are related to our passion for marketing that delivers measurable results, optimises the company´s commercial resources and helps organisations to outperform their peers. To get the best out of our clients’ budget, people and resources, we:

  1. Make marketing accountable through benchmarking, metrics and dashboards.
  2. Facilitate strategic decisions through data and insights derived from proprietary benchmarking research, market assessment research, marketing maturity scan etc.
  3. Make marketing impactful through organisational development programs and hands-on, agile implementation. 

With these services we help CMO's, heads of marketing and marketing professionals to structure their organisation to play an impactful role in the corporate direction and strategy of their firm, adding to the bottom line through accountable, contextual, agile and hands-on marketing. We help to define a compelling sense of purpose, (re)install trust, align systems for success, unlock talent and how to measure progress.