The partners at Hooplot Associates have decades of experience in Asset Management, Wealth Management, Banking, Insurance, Media, Marketing and other services. The founding partners are Vincent Hooplot, Michiel Breeschoten, Jan Wilch and Angus MacLaine. Our partners are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that asset managers face. With their experience they contribute to their marketing and sales strategies.


Vincent Hooplot

Managing Director

With more than 20 years of senior management experience in the global financial services industry Vincent Hooplot has held positions like Senior Vice President, Group Director and Managing Director. He has been part of Executive Boards & Committees, Product Quality Boards, Branding Boards and knows the challenges that senior leadership teams, managers and professionals face. Vincent has held global responsibility on the intersection of commerce, IT and finance e.g. in Marketing, Account Management, Sales, Sales Enablement, E-Business, Functional Application Management, Information Management and Content Management. He has worked for ING, Robeco, NN IP, Rabobank, OXFAM, OpenProvider, Mn Services. 



Phone     +31 (0) 6 2293 0155



Michiel Breeschoten

Managing Partner

Michiel made his mark in midsized and large corporates. With over 23 years of marketing experience in Asset Management firms like ABN AMRO Asset Management, Fortis Investments, Robeco and NN Investment Partners, Michiel knows and acknowledges the importance of understanding the drivers of commercial performance. Experienced in both managing people and processes, from improving team performance to designing, negotiating and implementing Global Content Management Organisations.



Phone     +31 (0) 6 3390 8459



Frank van den Berk

Senior Consultant

Frank has a background in mostly marketing and IT in financials services and as an entrepreneur on digital transformation. Frank has worked for ABN AMRO Asset management, Fortis Investment and BNP Paribas Investment Partners for almost 24 years. With a MBA and computer science as background, Frank has held roles as head of eCommerce, head of eBusiness and head of digital transformation. Frank also worked as an interim manager or consultant in automotive, telecom, FMCG and other sectors as transformation consultant, business partner or head of digital marketing. All-in all change is a guiding theme in his career. Frank is mostly focusing on innovation of processes and services. This is possible because of new technologies, the data and insights and the development of new skills of people. On a personal note, Frank is fanatic on sports like tennis, padel and golf especially together with his wife and two daughters.


Phone +31 6 30 90 61 32

Dorit Erzmoneit

Senior Consultant

Dorit has an entrepreneurial and corporate background working in blue chip asset management, founding and running her own start-up, and working as COO in a boutique art education firm. She has worked in investment management for over 15 years, among others for Fidelity Investments, M&G, Banque Generale de Luxembourg (Fortis Group) having started out in multi-level funds distribution at Tecis in Germany. In addition to her native Germany, Dorit has lived and worked in the US, Luxembourg, London, Zurich, Singapore and The Netherlands. Dorit has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. With her diverse background, cross-cultural awareness and flexibility to adapt to and embrace change and technology, she understands the challenges investment management firms are currently facing and is well equipped to help them find differentiated and competitive solutions.



Phone      +31 6 29 59 51 86


Iina Ikonen

Marketing Consultant

Having a strong academic background, Iina holds a Master of Science degree from the Stockholm School of Economics, where she studied Marketing and Media Management. She has previously worked in brand and media agencies such as Cartils in the Netherlands and Whispr Group in Sweden, where she has gathered experience in both qualitative and quantitative research from a variety of industries. She has worked with creating strategies for new market entrances, products launches as well as rebranding projects.