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How to build a good content strategy

Content marketing seems to be a good way of getting your message out there, especially for companies in sectors in which there is a lot of pressure on marketing budgets. But what is a good content strategy? Seven years after the debut of the annual Content Marketing Institute survey in, among others, the US, we…
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Maximum effectiveness for your marketing budget

Towards the end of the year is the time to determine how to spend your marketing budget so that it contributes to the organisation’s goals. Here are our three hottest tips for your success: 1. Start on time Ensuring your year plan matches your organisational goals takes time. So, make sure you start on time.…
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What strategies can small IFA companies use in the digital age?

The balance of power has moved from the seller to the consumer. With the majority of consumers having access to an internet connected device, they have the ability to research, compare and rate products and services at all times. Customers are hugely influenced by reviews and testimonials. According to research over 80%* of customers say that…
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Savers versus investors? A quick overview about the German mutual fund market

Many of you have asked us about key overviews for markets in Continental Europe. As a first in a series, watch our video about the German market. If you would like to discuss opportunities in more detail, please contact us at  (or link to us with contact details?)

Are marketing budgets crushed?

Expectations on ROI are growing Budgeting, budget cuts and the need to show that every penny is spend effectively keeps many marketers awake at night. If you can relate to this, do not worry, a good night’s sleep is nearer than you think. Research *shows that the answer lies in marketing focussing on the impact…
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Quant is king!

Are emotions and behavior quantifiable? Technology is enabling marketing and sales like never before! Sales and marketing are moving closer together and in the ideal world they are integrating and evaluating information they had difficulty gathering before. We compare, learn, improve and (often) deliver great results according to the data we evaluate.   We now…
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Ready for GDPR?

Working with the finances of their clients, fund managers have long been subject to rigorous data privacy regulations. However, from May 25th onwards, the new EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require changes in the processes also in the fund management industry. In this short article we will summarize the key points of the…
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Opportunities in Dutch pension?

According to the Central Agency for Statistics in the Netherlands, the pension assets in the Netherlands already exceed 1,700 billion euros. Hence, the Netherlands accounts for more than 50 percent of the total pension assets in Continental Europe, while the number of inhabitants is only 2.5 percent of the total number of inhabitants in this…
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