Marketer, are you ready for GDPR? – 8 steps towards understanding and compliance



Working with the finances of their clients, fund managers have long been subject to rigorous data privacy regulations. However, from May 25th onwards, the new EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require changes in the processes also in the fund management industry. In this short article we will summarize the key points of the new regulation, and discuss the most important factors to take into account when getting ready for the upcoming implementation of the GDPR.

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5 building blocks for a successful budget request in 2018

It’s time for the annual budget requests.

With the critical FCA report about the generous profitability of asset managers fresh in everyone’s memory, cost levels are yet again under the scrutiny of the board. And rightly so.


After all, for a great number of asset managers the distribution- and marketing budget represents a large share of the annual costs. It is therefore no surprise that from the beginning of June until late November, we will receive numerous inquiries regarding benchmark information about the size and distribution of marketing budgets per country, media type, target group and channel.

Another frequent question we receive is: “How do I make my budget request more viable? Hence, we have gathered the five building blocks for a viable budget request.

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Review Dutch pension system: opportunity for asset managers?

According to the Central Agency for Statistics in the Netherlands, the pension assets in the Netherlands already exceed 1,700 billion euros. Hence, the Netherlands accounts for more than 50 percent of the total pension assets in Continental Europe, while the number of inhabitants is only 2.5 percent of the total number of inhabitants in this region.

Even in the Netherlands there is no guarantee for a comfortable pension income after retirement. Pension experts, entrepreneurs, trade unions and politicians are in agreement that reform of the Dutch pension system is necessary. However, how extensive the changes need to be is a subject of  fierce debate. 


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Five areas for marketing to assert its value

What is marketing? What value can she add? Ask different people and you will probably get as many answers.

If you would ask the same question about Sales, the answers would definitely be more unambiguous. Our field research displays a clear correlation between the maturity of a marketing department and the extent to which they can assert their value.

Based on this research we have developed a method to identify the maturity of marketing professionals and the marketing department. Our method identifies areas in which marketing excels as well as  areas for improvement.  


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New technology, new behaviour and banking are merging: Here are Nutmeg, Betterment, and Bunq

Fintech a short lived hype? Don't Bunq on that!


While new Fintech start-ups are entering the financial industry across the globe, too many established firms are hoping and praying that this trend won't last. Guess what? We're in the midst of a massive change.


As consumers get more and more hooked on their smart devices they spend increasingly more time online. Time spent on smartwatches, smartphones, smart tv's and in smart cars increasingly distracts clients from traditional media like the tv and print media. Many established firms consider this a great risk. 

Courtesy of Security Magazine

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