We conduct full audits of marketing departments in which we focus on the following:

  • Is there a sound strategy in place that effectively factors in the context of the organisation? Including industry trends, stakeholders, clients, regulatory environment, digitization etc.
  • Is the strategy being implemented effectively and embedded in the processes, systems and behaviour of the people within the organisation?
  • Does the company create an environment in which people are facilitated to give their best to the marketing department and the company?

Marketing departments in large firms are subject to bi-annual and ad hoc audits. In a nutshell, the audits are there to probe the robustness of the budget setting, budget allocation, spending process and effectiveness. If the internal audit department performing the marketing audits is not common practice in a firm, CMO’s could initiate an audit themselves. By doing this the CMO prepares his marketing department for potential external audits that are often initiated by supervisory boards or regulators. Hooplot Associates can perform the Marketing Audit for you. In the audit we assess whether all relevant skills, marketing systems, processes, checks and balances are in place. 


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