1. Define company specific dashboard requirements

2. Assess current metrics landscape

3. Data and gap analysis

4. Deliver dashboard and quick wins


1. Define company specific dashboard requirements

We have designed an approach to help you define the requirements for your company specific Marketing Dashboard. We also use research among Fortune1000 companies to inspire and guide you and your senior executives. Research shows that there typically are 4 key things senior executives want to know from marketing: 


• Is marketing  helping us to  retain customers and sell more? 

• Are we investing  our marketing  dollars wisely?

• Are we utilising the huge opportunity of the internet? 

• Who are our most profitable clients?


2. Assess current metrics landscape

A crucial  step is a thorough assessment of the already available data. Bearing in mind that 20% of the data usually brings the majority of the insights, we also help you to identify which data does not add value to save money, time and frustration. 



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3. Data and gap analysis

The identification of data gaps evolves from step 2. In this stage we deliver the first draft of the dashboard and pinpoint what actions are required to fill in the data gaps. In this analysis we report on systems, processes and required skill. 

4. Deliver dashboard and quick wins

In this final step we deliver the final version of the dashboard and report on  the possible quick wins that can help to speed up the process of  implementation across more regions and target groups as well as a concrete planning of activities to get there.



• Earn your place and get recognition in the boardroom

• Better prepared during marketing budget discussions

• Fact based decisions with regard to budget allocation

• Increase effectiveness of marketing budget 


For more information please download our Marketing Executive Dashboard presentation by filling out the form on the right side of this page and read our blog “return on marketing investment” here and you can download the following document: 

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