Scientific research shows that companies with a higher market orientation consistently outperform their peers. These companies perform better, have happier and more committed employees, their clients experience better value and give them higher NPS scores. As a result they are more capable of finding, keeping and growing customers better, faster, cheaper and smarter than their peers.


The partners at Hooplot Associates have worked with marketing departments in all stages of maturity and have years of experience in setting up, restructuring and improving high performance marketing organisations. They search for the company's compelling sense of purpose and team up with you, your colleagues and key stakeholders to develop your people, align systems and processes to get there.


We design and implement company specific improvement projects and programs to assess and where needed increase your market orientation.


We focus on two areas for improvement: the strategic marketing (analysis capabilities) and operational marketing (action capabilities).


We discuss requirements with the client and identify the opportunities for improvement in close cooperation. Key question: What is needed and why?


This then leads to either:

A) a dedicated project for design and implementation of an improvement or

B) conducting an assessment or maturity scan to understand the current situation in its full breadth.

Improvement projects and programs

The improvement programs we design and implement are based on the specific context and request of our clients. Some examples are:

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Marketing technology, digital and social media
  • (Re)branding, branding and brand development
  • Content strategy, management and organisation
  • Development of effective Digital and Social Media skills
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Customer research
  • Customer experience management e.g. customer journey mapping.
  • Organisational development; Leadership & talent development programs, coaching and training on the job.

Marketing maturity scan


 For assessing the current performance we have developed our marketing maturity scan and the Hooplot Associates benchmark. These are tools we utilize to determine the ‘as is’ situation. These tools are designed to understand the relative performance of your current organisation.


Read more about the Marketing Maturity Scan here.


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