We adjust our approach to each individual project based on the client's needs and wishes. Each project starts with a feasibility study. We look into the required deliverables and match that with our expertise and experience. Only if we are confident that spot on delivery is achievable, we will take the assignment.


Our experience is that organisations have a lot of inhouse talent and expertise. Our way of working is focused on building on that expertise. Thus we are not focused on maximising our hours, but on maximising the result. Depending on the circumstances we will take on a complementaty role such varying from program management and expert adviser to that of reference data provider. 


With our propietary research and data we can give organisations insight into their relative performance and the maturity of their processes, systems and people. Our data comes from:

  • inhouse research
  • benchmarking 
  • other proprietary data
  • secondary sources


With more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry we understand the key importance of confidentiality. We live it. From our side we don't accept assignments without signed two-way non-disclosure agreements. Next to that we work with chatham rules, secured servers etc. We're also used to being screened prior to working with large corporations. 


You are always welcome to ask us more about our working methods by contacting us at